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How to Score Exclusive New Releases from Gigi and Max

Posted on by Kari Ogg 4 comments
How to score new releases from Gigi and Max. These are great tips! They sell out in minutes when they release a new design!
If you are new to our brand Gigi and Max, welcome! We're so glad you are here! If you are a previous Gigi and Max customer, you know that some of our items, specifically our rompers, are limited edition products. We purchase only enough materials for our rompers for a one-time release. That means when it sells out, that fabric is GONE. You sometimes only have an hour to purchase a new release before it sells out. So, I wanted to share some tips on how to score new release items!

1. Follow Gigi and Max on Instagram & Facebook - To stay up to date with our new releases and limited edition items, follow us on social media! We always announce our release times here first.

2. Set an alarm - Once our release time is released (*HINT: usually 9am CST), I recommend setting an alarm on your phone. Give yourself about 10 minutes to get ready.

3. Create a PayPal account - A lot of our Gigi and Max customers recommend setting up a PayPal account. When you check out on our site with PayPal, you don't have to enter in all of your card details. With PayPal, all of your information is ready to go. This makes the checkout process WAY faster.

4. Join our VIP page - Our VIP Facebook page is the perfect spot for Gigi and Max fans. We release the most inside scoop about our new releases here first. Sometimes we even ask for fan feedback. Also, if you miss out on an item that you really wanted, you might find someone selling it on our VIP page when their child grows out of it!

Since we are talking about scoring new releases, I thought I would give you a sneak peek to this week's limited edition release! Get your clicking fingers ready!

Gigi and max romper


  • Posted on by Randi McDaniel

    Wonderful tips! I also find it helpful to hide out in the bathroom for five minutes!! ;)

  • Posted on by Jess Bowman

    So much anxiety over this post! You are sharing all of my secrets!!! ??? We love Kristin’s shop and love sharing our passion for her clothing!!! *These are great tips and have worked for me, everytime. Haven’t missed one for a few months ♡

  • Posted on by Shae Whittaker

    Such great tips on how to grab your favorite limited romper! We love our Gigi & Max collection!

  • Posted on by Emilie Hughes

    Very helpful tips for everyone, especially to those new to Gigi and Max ;)

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