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  • Why Bamboo Clothing is the Best Choice for Your Baby

    Why Bamboo Clothing is the Best Choice for Your Baby

    As a parent, you always want what's best for your child, and that includes the clothes they wear. When it comes to dressing your little one, there are many materials to choose from, but one of the best choices is bamboo. In this article, we'll explore why bamboo clothing is the best choice for your baby.


    We are SO excited for the release this week! We have three gorgeous circle rompers going live on Friday, 2/24 at 9am CST.    For those of you new to Gigi and Max (welcome!), we release new rompers every Friday at 9am. These designs are exclusive and once they sell out, they are GONE! Be sure to click quick to snag the color...
  • Easter Essentials

    Easter Essentials

    Our Easter Essentials are finally ready for release! This FRIDAY, February 17th, at 9am CST the rompers & tees will be live in the SHOP!  Our rompers will also be available with no graphic, if you prefer! And we will also have matching headbands available for purchase!  For frequently asked questions, click HERE.  Follow us on:  Pinterest Facebook  Instagram      Enter your email...
  • It's Your Lucky Day!

    It's Your Lucky Day!

    There's almost a month left until St. Patrick's Day! So we thought it was the perfect time to release our LUCKY ROMPER! This romper will be available on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th at 9am cst! Keep in mind- once we sell out, we don't bring that design back! Click here to shop (once it goes live!). Here's an extra special code to use for...
  • Coral Floral Release

    Coral Floral Release

    We have been SO EXCITED for our Coral Floral designs to be released! Floral fabric has always been one of our favorites. It looks so great sewn into a romper and adorable newborn sets. This romper is the FIRST short sleeve romper of the season! There has been a big demand to bring back the short sleeves- and we listened! This romper is...
  • Tie Dye Romper Release

    Tie Dye Romper Release

    This Friday, January 27 @ 9am CST, our TIE DYE romper will be released! This romper was made with boys in mind, however it is TOTALLY gender neutral! We think both girls & boys will rock it. Our TIE DYE romper will be available in sizes 3m-3T. All of our rompers are true to size. They are meant to be baggy in the...
  • Gigi and Max Stash Giveaway!

    Gigi and Max Stash Giveaway!

    We love when you show us your Gigi & Max products on Facebook and Instagram! It makes us so happy to see your little ones in our clothes. We decided to do a Gigi and Max stash giveaway! Take a photo of your Gigi and Max clothes. It's okay if you only own one piece (or 100!!!). Show us what you have &...
  • The Simple Line

    The Simple Line

    We are so excited to announce our SIMPLE line of rompers. This FRIDAY (January 20th at 9am CST) all 7 colors will be released! Why SIMPLE? We love creating fun designs for our rompers, but sometimes less is more! These SIMPLE rompers are the perfect staple piece for your child's wardrobe. The simple rompers are awesome for layering and adding accessories. Or simply...
  • Blue Floral and Pink Hello World Newborn Outfit

    Blue Floral and Pink Hello World Newborn Outfit

    One our popular newborn girl coming home outfit is the blue floral and pink "Hello World" set! This is the perfect outfit to put baby in when you bring them home for the first time. It also makes an ADORABLE baby shower gift that will make all the moms "oooouuu" and "ahhhh". This handmade outfit is beyond perfect for any sweet baby on...
  • Floral Rompers

    Floral Rompers

    This Friday, Jan. 13, at 9am CST this GORGEOUS floral romper is being released! We are so excited about this design. It's the perfect romper for a little girl in your life. At 9am this Friday you can find it on! Our rompers are super soft and comfortable and make the perfect little outfit for your babe! They have a super stretchy...
  • Valentine's Day Crafts

    Valentine's Day Crafts

    I know Christmas just ended, but our Valentine's Day outfit release is THIS FRIDAY and it has us going crazy for all things hearts and kisses! Today we are sharing our favorite Valentine's Day crafts to get your little ones involved in! When it comes to crafting, I am all about simple- yet adorable. So I found my favorite 5 crafts that are...
  • Valentine's Day Outfit Release

    Valentine's Day Outfit Release

    I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a happy New Year! We are so grateful to each and every one of our supporters! It was such a treat to see all the photos flood in of your babies wearing their Gigi and Max holiday outfits. Thank you so much for the support! We've been busy worker bees getting our next...